martes, 20 de octubre de 2015


 She is my latest, one of a kind ball jointed doll third in the series of Heliconias, She is  the goodness of strength and love.
She is made in fine porcelain by me Juliana Vélez from my own prototype and molds and was baked in my high fire ceramic kiln. They require many days of dedication, therefore its a unique doll. She has a removable wing that are created and sculpted by me without a mold. The shoes are delicate carved and painted in wonderfull colors they are unique.
She is painted with permanent china colors. Her body is all polished and blushed with the same paints that are used in ceramics and porcelains that resist scratches and will not fade.
She is signed in the back of their head in porcelain raw stage. She is 16.54 inches (42cm) tall and has double joints in her elbows and knees, she is strung with elastic cord in a special way that allows her to hold her pose well, All of the connection parts are lined in epoxic to prevent porcelain from rubbing.
This auction includes as pictured: The doll, the necklace, the corset,the skirt, one unique and hand sculpture  removable wig and her own gift box, Everything was hand made by me. She is very poseable.
Due the nature of this one of a kind doll, returns are not accepted.

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